It's Winter.......

Oh wow I still can't believe it's June.....Where has the time gone before we know it we will be getting ready for Christmas......Scary!

The last few months I have been finding it really hard to balance everything with business, house, kids and life, So I have decided to take a little break from business to take the pressure off and hopefully the mojo will follow.........

So I will be spending the next few month organizing and reorganizing my crafty bit's also try a few new things to help get those creative juices flowing again, I just can't seem to find them lately!


elsiee said…
it feels sooooo good to take some time off to get everything all organized and ready to go - ENJOY!!
The life balance thing is a hard one.Hope you get all juicy soon or at least have fun trying to find those creative juices!
Linda said…
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Kylie :)

I hope your mojo returns soon...maybe a little break might just do the trick!

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