A Little time Out!

Well I have had a little bit of time out and now I feel ready to jump back into it all :) I'm trying to come up with a few new things, playing around etc.... I always love hearing your opinions???? :)

I did have a go at making up a Shopping/Hand Bag:

Would love to know what you think??

Thank-you for stopping by :)


Teresa said…
this is so sweet - and the little flowers are adorable!
Josie Dean said…
Oh wow Kylie this is soooooo beautiful!!!!
Jasmin said…
ooohh thats so cute!! how long did it take to make it ?
The Clip Cafe said…
Sweet Bag! I love crochet, would love to be able to do it. I am a fellow Madeitian (pronounce that? lol), just joined you r blog. Having a giveaway at mine - feel free to come an visit! :o)
Som's Studio said…
I love how this turned out. The bright colors work well together.
CurlyPops said…
It's my three absolutel favourite colours combined with my favourite motif, so of course I absoluetly love it!
Ceci said…
Love that bag Kylie!

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