Almost there.......

Wow this pregnancy and dragged but I am happy to say we have gotten to 33 weeks :) For a while there we though she might come too early but at least any time now and she should be ok :)

So I want to appoligze that there hasn't been much action here on my blog the past few months, have been very tired, stressed out and just busy getting things ready for her arrival!

I'm going to make a few changes to how I sell things for a while (or at least give it a go) either once a month or each fortnight I will be having a Sale on my Facebook Page of all the things I have made up in that time. So I will spend my time making up goodies and then selling what has been made up only in the sale (I hope that makes sense???)

I will also make a Blog Post about it a few days before each sale with a few sneak peeks ;)

If you havn't already checked out my Facebook Page, please feel free to pop over and say hi.


I have also been playing with a little Mixed Media, really wanting to learn different styles and types of scrapbooking so I will pop up some piccies very soon


Thank-you for stopping by, here's a few random photo's of the past few months..... xoxox


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