The Busy Season has Begun

Well it's almost that time if the year where every last second of your day us filled, school concerts, kinder concerts, breake up parties etc..... Love every moment of it, though I am thankful when January rolls over and you can relax a little :)

Here's a few things I have been able to make inbetween all the craziness 

Cushion Cover

Little Fox

Pink Monkey

I have one last Custom Order to finish off, then after Christmas I will be working on some NEW things for 2014 :)



Nicole said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the cushion cover! The colours and pattern are fantastic! So pretty.
Sue Stergo said…
You're amazing Kylie. What a busy beaver you have been. Gorgeous works. I love the cute animals, like the pink monkey. :) keep up the fabulous work!
Sue Stergo said…
Gorgeous work Kylie. You busy beaver. I love your toys, like the pink monkey. Keep being fabulous!

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