Im back.......but taking a different journey!

Wow, what a crazy 12 months it has been here.....

Last March my beautiful Macey was one day perfectly happy and healthy, the next day she woke up and was acting really strange. Its really hard to describe how she was acting but it certainly wasn't her normal self. My first thought was she had gotten into something so I ran around the house checking all the cleaning products and nothing had been touched. So I decided to take her down to my local hospital, something was telling me this was serious and I needed to get her checked I did. But the doctors at the hospital brushed me off saying it was a UTI and go to the GP and get some antibiotic' I did. The next day I was hoping to see that they would of started working but nope she seemed worse, she was saying the most bizarre things and nothing made sense. The following day I took her back to the GP when he then told me to get her straight down to Emergency as he could see it was not a UTI but something serious was going on.
Finally we go back and then they all start stressing and running 101 tests, kept her overnight and woke up with the doctors telling me she needs to be rushed to a bigger hospital.
This was the most scariest moment of my life, know one knew what was going on nor could they tell me anything. By the time she got up to the bigger hospital, she was in a complete comatose state and had know idea where she was, who I was or anything......she was just starring into space. The doctors could lift her arm up and it would just stay there until they put in down. She had no control over her body or knew what was going on.....she was only 4!
Over the next week they ran every test under the sun to try and work out what was going on with her, all they knew was there was a virus on her brain but could not work out what or where it had come from.
So I had been told she had Encephalitis......but even to this day they don't know what caused it or where she got it from. Her entire frontal lobe was effecting by the virus, they started some meds and within a few days she started waking from the coma.
But the girl who came out was not the girl she once was and this is were our story and journey begins.....trying to get my girl back (or at least as much as I can)!

Once the virus had completely gone which took about 4 months, the fight to get her back started. She was insanely impulsive, verbally she would just repeat the same thing over and over for days on end until she started saying something different again over and over again. It was like she was stuck in this weird cycle. She had also become quite aggressive, biting, pinching and hitting others without warning, one minute she would be giving you a hug the next she would be taking a chunk out of your neck. And she could not keep still.....all day everyday she would be bouncing off the walls, touching, throwing and mouthing EVERYTHING!!! it was insane, and I was honestly at my breaking point. She would not stop or sleep it was constant!

After doing heaps of research, talking to other parents with kids with ADHD/Autism and extreme behavioural issues one thing I had not tried (mainly as I'm was sceptically) was essential oils! And OMG have they made a world of difference. I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner, but I guess it took me to the point of breaking to reach out and was willing to try anything!

So this is why I have resurrected my old blog.....I really would love to share our story and our journey and hopefully reach out to others going through the same or similar thing.

Thank-you so much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment xx


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